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MBSA's products stem from a deep appreciation for art and a passion for creating colour responsibly. MBSA takes pride in supporting local talent, promoting some of South Africa's most accomplished artists and their projects.

Defy Gravity - The Parlotones

Both The Parlotones and MBSA challenge the norms and conventions of their respective industries through a dynamic vision. The unique opportunity to be part of the band's new music video for the chart topping song 'Defy Gravity' facilitated a marketing campaign that resonates this similarity.  


Critical layers of technology are implemented to support a highly efficient but flexible manufacturing capability. By constantly evolving and utilising science and engineering, MBSA has elevated the production process. An inherent culture of energy, passion and creativity drives the MBSA team to rise above the expected, to defy gravity.

Days Like This - Kahn Morbee

A collaboration between MBSA, Kahn Morbee (The Parlotones) and filmmaker Michael J. Rix  culminated in the music video for 'Days Like This', a single from Kahn's solo venture


The MBSA team utilised actual masterbatch pellets and strands to construct the set for the stop-motion animation characters.
Hollish Artistic Ink
Several ad campaigns for MBSA have incorporated artwork by talented artist Neil Pauw (drummer for The Parlotones). Some paintings were commissioned exclusively for MBSA and contain masterbatch pellets, thereby effectively blending the colourful worlds of masterbatch and art.             
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