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MBSA supplies an extensive range of masterbatch solutions including a broad spectrum of general additives, such as anti-block, anti-oxidants, anti-static, flame retardants, slip additives, anti-fog, processing aids and UV stabilisers, as well as thermochromatic, laser marking, antimicrobials and desiccant specialised additives.


To aid the process of recycling, desiccant masterbatches remove excess moisture and volatiles in raw material, thereby enhancing the ease of processing and quality of regrind polymers.


A specialist capability of MBSA is the complex process of matching laser marking technology with laser marking additives, without compromising colour integrity. Laser marking is also an easy way to enhance the traceability of a product by uniquely identifying it.


MBSA remains at the forefront of bringing antimicrobial masterbatches or MastermicrobialsTM, to the South African market. Antimicrobials provide exceptional protection from healthcare infections and food-related bacteria as well as afford odour control, effectively extending the shelf life of the packaged product.


Fluorination is the process by which the molecular structure of polymer is altered to significantly enhance the non-permeation characteristics of the final plastic packaging. This process allows volatile solvents or aggressive substances to be stored in plastic containers. Fluorination is a cost effective alternative to metal and glass containers for storage of volatile solvents such as paraffin, xylene and thinners. MBSA is an officially approved manufacturer by Fluoro Pack (Pty) Ltd.

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