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MBSA has nurtured strategic alliances with international pigment and additive suppliers to provide the local market with the highest quality products. Unconditional approval has been awarded to MBSA by several globally respected brands. Pigments, in powdered form, go through the same processes of colour matching and mixing but are not put through MBSA’s extruders.


The use of effect pigments has increased significantly in the packaging of over-the-counter medicines, cosmetics and personal care products. In response to growing demand, pigment suppliers are introducing different solutions ranging from traditional pearls to those offering multi-colour effects. Traditional pearls provide effects through the interplay of transparency, refraction of light and interference. Multiple reflection pearl pigments create unique colour effects depending on the angle of observation and colours can change, for example, from subtle turquoise to brilliant silver and metallic red. The developments in co-extrusion technology allow for polyethylene-based cosmetics tubes to replace aluminium ones, ultimately providing shimmer or sparkle to the packaging.

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