MBSA provides an efficient, reliable and cost-effective way of adding coloureffects and/or performance enhancements to plastic packaging. Masterbatch is offered in two ways: polyolefin polymer specific, with formulations available in the most common thermoplastics, such as PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE; as well as engineering polymer specific such as PC, acrylics, ABS and HIPS; or universal that’s compatible with a broad range of polymer bases. Convertors are advised on the most suitable masterbatch for the intended application.


A vast electronic library of colours, including black and white, is kept from which customers can choose. A colour match to a sample provided can also be carried out through the use of advanced colour matching software. A directory of standard colours facilitates selections of more commonly used colours.


The manufacture of masterbatch is a two stage process. Firstly, the ingredients are combined in either high or low speed mixers to ensure even distribution of material. Secondly, this pre-mix is compounded on either a single or twin screw extruder and pelletised into the finished product.

MBSA's laboratory can custom engineer masterbatch for use in specific products such as toys or food packaging.