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Value add.

ISO accreditation

MBSA continues to maintain the highest industry standards as validated by ISO 9001; 14001; 22000 and 45001 certifications for quality, environmental, food safety and occupational health & safety management systems.​

Food safety

A ‘wine glass & fork’ symbol displayed on MBSA’s distinctive product labels provide assurance that products are heavy-metal free and can be used for direct food contact packaging. Through a strictly-controlled restrictive substance list and tightly monitored production and testing procedures, products that are safe for direct food contact are ensured. MBSA uses the frameworks established by European Food Contact Materials & Packaging legislation and by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


MBSA actively uses traceability in its QA systems for all ingredients and tracks the finished product through electronic data management ,thereby enhancing trackback, recall and root-cause analysis capabilities. MBSA’s orange product label contains all relevant information, enabling effective product recognition and batch traceability, up to individual bag identification and resolution.

Education and training

Through a culture of constant improvement, all MBSA team members receive extensive training to ensure the highest competency levels within the individual’s function and works instructions. This translates into everyone making a valuable contribution to products, customer care, problem solving or laboratory and technical knowledge.


MBSA is a learning organisation at all levels and employees are encouraged to broaden their academic knowledge. MBSA has advanced training policies and education opportunities for all staff, including in-house classrooms and a full-time dedicated learning facilitator.


Training policies covering everything from literacy, works instructions, competency certificates and life skills are offered to all staff as well as Grade 12 and tertiary education opportunities. Award ceremonies are held to recognise staff members who have received their qualification.



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