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MBSA manufactures and supplies masterbatch, pigments and performance enhancing additives to the plastics industry.




MBSA provides an efficient, reliable and cost-effective way of adding colour, effects and/or performance enhancements to plastic packaging. Convertors are advised on the most suitable masterbatch for the intended application.


A vast electronic library of colours, including black and white, is kept from which customers can choose. A colour match to a sample provided can also be carried out through the use of advanced colour matching software. A directory of standard colours facilitates selections of more commonly used colours.




MBSA supplies an extensive range of masterbatch solutions including a broad spectrum of general additives such as anti-block, anti-oxidants, anti-static, flame retardants, slip additives, anti-fog, processing aids and UV stabilisers, as well as thermochromatic, laser marking, antimicrobials and desiccant specialised additives.






MBSA has nurtured strategic alliances with international pigment and additive suppliers to provide the local market with the highest quality products. Unconditional approval has been awarded to MBSA by several globally respected brands. Pigments, in powdered form, go through the same processes of colour matching and mixing but are not put through MBSA’s extruders.



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