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Product definitions


Performance enhancing additives



An anti-static agent is a additive used for the treatment of materials in order to reduce or eliminate the build-up of static electricity.


Flame retardant

A flame retardant is an additive which will enable the end product to inhibit or resist flammability.


UV / Light stabilizer

A UV or light stabilizer is a material used to resist weathering thereby reducing the ageing effects such as yellowing, loss of light transmission, loss of physical properties and loss of gloss.


Processing Aid

Processing aid is a fluorelastomer that improves the flow between polymer and the extruder die, and thereby prevents melt fracture and die build-up inside the extruder.



Anti – fog is an additive which prevents the formation of visible condensation.



Anti-oxidants help to combat the effects of oxidation namely loss of strength and impact resistance.



Anti – block is an additive which reduces the adhesion between different layers of film.


Slip additives

Slip additives help prevent self adhesion and friction between different layers of polymer film.



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